At Glamour Flower Boutique we pride ourselves in constant creativity and innovation of our arrangements. We started with a passion of flowers and that has stayed consistent in everything we do to this day. No matter what your flower needs are, our professional flower artificers will ensure your satisfaction with the highest quality flowers and elegant designs!



Glamour Flower Boutique provides premium delivery services to Orange County and Los Angeles County within 24-72 hrs of placing your order. Our operating hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm. All of our flower arrangements are made to order and hand-delivered to our customers. We take the greatest care in creating your arrangement in order to ensure that your flowers will last as long as possible. There is no need to worry about a vase as each of our  arrangements are made in a special box with a base of our premium foam that provides a water supply to the arrangements for days at a time.

Please keep in mind that availability of arrangements and flowers is dependent on the seasonal availability of materials. If certain flowers are out of season we can substitute them with in season flowers of the same price and quality. All custom letter arrangements are required to be ordered a minimum of one week in advance. Boxes are customizable in color and pattern, sometimes limited by availability.

Additionally, please note that for our cake and flower packages, you must specify the cake flavor (chocolate or vanilla) and filling flavor (fruit or frosting flavor) at checkout in the provided message box.

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*We do not accept any returns or exchanges on any of our orders*

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